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When you delve into your memories to look for stories, you gain insights, write powerful material, and share your life with others. This site offers instruction and examples to help you write your life.
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How to Become a Writer
To overcome the challenges of becoming a writer, take advantage of my self-help workbook, How to Become a Heroic Writer. It offers insights so you can transform your thoughts and stories into words other people can share.

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Through the pages of my blog, and books, I offer training and support to help you on your writing journey. My blog is based on the premise that reading memoirs is a great way to learn to write your own.

Attend Events or Invite Me to Speak and Teach

To go deeper into the journey of your own memoir, attend a class or talk. The chemistry of live interaction, whether in person or on the phone, including feedback from questions and discussion can open you to new ways of looking at your story. Or contact me for individual coaching or to help your memoir group. Click here for contact information.

What others are saying

"We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your presentation on memoirs, "Turning Life into Story," at the Write it Right Writer's Conference in Pottsville, PA. One participant commented that your talk opened new directions for her, a sentiment that underlies the goal of our conference."

Kathryn Ruff, Black Diamond Writer's Conference, Coaldale, PA

"Jerry Waxler is one of the most professional and approachable speakers we have had the pleasure of hearing. Our writers come from all over Reading and Berks County, Pennsylvania and beyond to learn the art of writing and Jerry certainly listened to their specific questions, answered them with his kind demeanor and brought out their creative talents. Everyone from beginning writers to established authors come to the mountain to hear talented and skilled entrepreneurs and to share their work with each other. The Pagoda is one of the most iconic and awe inspiring places in the country if not the world to visualize success and Jerry's contributions to our writers were invaluable to their future in their passionate pursuit of their writing careers."

L.T. James, Pagoda Writers, Reading, PA


Visit my blog to read 100s of essays, book reviews, and author interviews to help you write your memoir.


From Memory to Memoir
Northampton Community College
Bethlehem, PA
4 sessions,
Starts Tuesday, 2 PM, March 1

My 12 Year Odyssey to Write my Memoir
A Roundtable Discussion with Linda Joy Myers: Call from anywhere
4 PM PDT, 7 PM EDT, March 7, 2016