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Find Meaning in your Memories

Events come and go, and in their wake, they leave a story. Find that story and learn from it.

Life events may seem like a jumble until you apply your intelligence. In these three sessions, at GreenshireArts in Quakertown, PA Jerry Waxler, M.S., will offer organizing principles to help you make sense of the series of days that has brought you here.

In these workshops you'll learn about:
-Your Story as a guidance system, past, present, and future.
-Your evolving wisdom.
-The great transitions. Losing one thing to gain another.
-Apply the principles of the Hero's Journey in your own Life.

When:Saturday mornings, Oct 27, Nov 3, and Nov 10. 9-11
Cost: $25 each or $60 for all 3

Jerry Waxler M.S. is a speaker, writing coach, and therapist in Quakertown, PA. He is author of Learn to Write your Memoir in Four Weeks a Step by Step Guide to Recording the Stories of Your Life, and a regular blogger about memoir writing at