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Hero's Journey - Ultimate Self Help Tool

Since Joseph Campbell wrote about the "Hero's Journey," the idea that one story is at the heart of all civilizations has captured collective imagination, raising the tantalizing possibility that some ancient intelligence was trying to tell us who we are, where we're going, and how we can increase our chances of getting there.

In this talk, Jerry Waxler, M.S. will show you how to apply the powerful mythological template of the Hero's Journey to everyday life, offering you the ultimate tool to help you adapt to a changing world. You'll learn how to turn this universal system to overcome self-doubts, achieve goals, and resolve inner conflicts, as you travel your own Hero's Journey. This method can help you become more energized, engaged, and confident to live life to its fullest and achieve your goals.

You'll Learn
--The implicit wisdom such as courage, goals, empathy, contained within stories.
-- Stories are designed to explain and contain transitions.
-- By telling your story you can reveal your wisdom.
-- The Hero's Journey is a template that helps you decipher your story.
-- Retelling forgotten stories helps you heal from the past.
-- Future stories help you energize, plan, clarify, and strive towards your goals.

INSTRUCTOR: Jerry Waxler, M.S is a therapist, speaker, and Life-Writing Coach who specializes in the issues facing writers. He is the author of "Learn to Write your Memoir in Four Weeks," and “Four Elements for Writers, how to get beyond “yes-but,” conquer self-doubt and inertia, and achieve your writing goals.” Jerry writes columns for the Bucks County Herald and other publications and has been a teacher at area writer's groups. He is on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Writers Conference.