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Write Your Life

What do blogs, scrapbooks, and memoirs have in common? They all gather and organize memories so they can be reviewed and shared.

In this talk, Jerry Waxler, M.S. will offer techniques and steps to help you record the stories of your life.

DESCRIPTION: This workshop teaches you to start, organize, and improve your memoir or any life-writing project, starting from where you are and going deeper.

Here are some of the topics we’ll address:

  • How to pull vignettes out of the pile of memories.
  • The crucial role of free-writing in finding the story.
  • Use chronology to organize your memories.
  • Find structure, such as in time, character arc, and emotional theme.
  • The relationship between truth and memory.

INSTRUCTOR: Jerry Waxler, M.S is a therapist, speaker, and Life-Writing Coach who specializes in the issues facing writers. He is the author of "Learn to Write your Memoir in Four Weeks," and “Four Elements for Writers, how to get beyond “yes-but,” conquer self-doubt and inertia, and achieve your writing goals.” Read Jerry's observations about memoir writing, including essays, book reviews, and author interviews at Memory Writers Network.